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 Vicki & Jonny have a brand new show!
Touring in May visit the Smörgåsballad website for more details!

Vicki Swan & Jonny effortlessly blend traditional material with contemporary sounds. Their performances showcase new interpretations of old songs alongside original self penned tunes and new contemporary songs that are entirely at home in the tradition.
Out of this combination they have developed a sound that is both familiar and fresh.  Strong believers in letting the music tradition live and breathe through sensitive interpretation, Vicki and Jonny allow the melody to sing without any constraints.
Be entranced by the haunting nyckelharpa, amazed at the cow horn (one of the worlds earliest communication devices) and meet some of the bagpipes that didn’t come from Scotland.
Suitable for all ages, their evenings are packed with toe tapping tunes and songs of love, death, trains and dressing up (not always at the same time) all presented with sparkling gentle humour, lots of smiles and skillful musicianship.
News Flash:

Vicki’s article about the Swedish bagpipes has been published in the spring edition of Chanter. If you’re looking to buy a copy of the Swedish Bagpipe tune book visit this page – CLICK HERE!

RedHouse-smallThe brand new album Red House is here! Visit the Red House page to hear the teaser track and place your order now!

There are still a couple of the limited edition books left, so if you’re quick you can still get your copy!

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cautionWarning: An evening with Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer may contain songs with a high death count and plenty of love (quite often at the same time). You are guaranteed to find out more about the nyckelharpa, bagpipes and have a generally good time. Free smiles with every performance.